Thursday, December 1, 2011 many more days do I have????????????

Okay, welcome to December, the last month of the year and 24 more days until you know who will visit.........although I am pretty good about organizing and staying with the program on time~ somebody put
the days into overdrive!!!!!!!  And it's making me very nervous. Bad NERVOUS.

1. Finish painting my clients kitchen hutch, table and chairs

2. Work some more on the Christmas cards
    (insert picture...........oh, that's right right, my photography friend Nancy hasn't taken them yet)

3. Going to a church Christmas program tonight and Dicks work party Saturday night. (OMG, what am
     I going to wear to look  young, slim, sexy as those other young, slim and sexy wives??????????)

4. Work on the furniture, work  some more on the Christmas cards..................

5. Make cookies for Dick's work buds..........but, mostly for him!

6. I am going to Austin, Texas, to see my wonderful God Son.........his older sister recently had her       
    second baby and the Christening is a week before "you know who will visit"............

7. Okay, I am in triple do-do if I don't  get #1-5 done before I go to Texas.

8. Let's pretend I got everything done and  now it is the night before "you know who will visit"
                            Have A Very Merry Christmas     



  1. My gosh Deb... you are one bust lady! Sounds like a lot of fun though!! OOh la la..would love to see you in that outfit your going to wear! You need to be the talk of the party now! Ha! Have fun in Texas!

  2. I meant busy lady.....not bust! Ha!